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I wanted to share my happy and luck with you all
01 Tháng Mười Hai 2011 :: 9:07 CH :: 4894 Views :: Giáo dục


This man Hoang is unbelievable. He is the “lad” who had the two knee operations (treatment) in Sydney. Below is his confide to everybody special with our Dad

 I wanted to share my happy and luck with you all, special as you can understand English Thank you my Dad support again with special thanks to Dr Brett for his skill and caring support.

To day, Iam verry fun and happy. Everything  be show  my eyes. Iam as happy as the day is long. How does I unknow describe that.
Before I am treat, I can ride bicycle but it is mini bicycle, as you know. And I wish I can walk by myshell and ride bicycle and ride motorcycle. But can not. And the god give you for me. I am thanks dad so much.
After I am treat Iam can walk by myshell, Iam realy happy, but as that time, Iam not strong, and I am verry pain but so I am happy so that I am always walk. And for the time being, I step by step become strong and the pain is step by step empty. And to day after 3 year I can't ride bicycle, and after near 20 year I wish I can ride big bicycle, now to night the first I can ride bicycle a normal as everybody. Iam happy so Iam ride bicycle go maybe 6 km.
Iam realy fun and happy, I want share that happiness for you and and everybody. you and everybody have same fun and happy with me. And I think My health is step by step become strong and I can do works which I wish do it.thanks dad so much. A man amongst men.



Hoang continues to get stronger physically, socially and emotionally.The attached pictures are from the recent VietUc party in Ho Chi Minh City.Hoang fulfilled another dream. He rode a motorbike 30 km by himself to come to the party. Impossible and inconceivable one year ago. One picture is with the men who helped him in Vietnam with all of the lead up etc.thanks to them. They saw first hand and felt the emotion personally of his achievement


A proud moment in the second picture. Hoang stands, and I sit. He went around talking to 60 fellow students like this all night.No doubt this is not the end of the story. Just the end of the beginning.


A new MAN, and a new life with confidence in himself. 

Mr. Hoang is ther


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